The Amish Build A Laptop (Warped Info)

The Amish Build A Laptop (Warped Info): “It is well known that the Amish shy away from new technology, and do so to follow their religious beliefs. But thanks to the wide-reaching power of the Internet, we have found that they have constructed a laptop computer to aid them in their business pursuits. If you think the Warped site is, well, warped, then just follow this story.
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The site, called The Amish Build A Laptop, shows this amazing device. Just listen to the specifications:

13 x 6 Bead Resolution
78 RAB (Random Access Bead) Memory
All wood construction
Chalk & slate based input
Holders for slate, chalk, charcoal and stylus
1 Chicken Power Supply
Built-in Modem (see FAQ for more info)

By now you realize that this computer is really not a computer in the true sense of the word. It is one of the most advanced abacuses in the world. This device actually has been in use for several thousands of years, and can be very accurate. The Amish should be given credit for being able to maintain a very simple lifestyle in this rush and hurry world where money seems to be the motivating factor. Maybe we should all trade in our computers for abacuses and learn to slow down. It wouldn’t make Bill Gates very happy, but we would all probably live a lot longer. Warped rating: 6.5.”