Disconnect – Stop 3rd party web trackers

Stop third parties and search engines from tracking the webpages you go to and searches you do.


  • Disables third-party tracking,
  • truly depersonalizes searches,
  • shows blocked resources and cookies,
  • lets you easily unblock services, and
  • is free for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari!

Facebook Disconnect stops Facebook from tracking the webpages you go to

  • Prevent “frictionless sharing”
  • Access Facebook itself as usual
  • Install the extension free for Firefox, Chrome, or Safari


The developer talks about how he came about these trackers and to stop. Very educational:

Say NO to SOPA

Please vote against Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)!

Here’s the letter that tech companies wrote to the congress:

The letter was signed by tech giants such as AOL, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, LinkedIn, Mozilla and Zynga.

What Do You Love (www.wdyl.com) – New Google service

New service provided by Google. All you have to do is type in a term or phrase of something you love/like and it shows you things related to that topic going on about it. For instance type in Barack Obama and you’d get info on what’s going on with the president and his popularity and books about him etc etc. Try it out: