HOW TO: Use ClearType to Enhance Screen Fonts in Windows XP

HOW TO: Use ClearType to Enhance Screen Fonts in Windows XP: “This step-by-step article describes how to enable ClearType to sharpen fonts on your Windows XP display. ClearType enhances your display by smoothing the edges of screen fonts. ClearType works especially well on Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) devices, including flat screen monitors and laptop computers.”

BetaNews | Study: iTunes More Popular than P2P

BetaNews | Study: iTunes More Popular than P2P: “A survey conducted by research firm NPD Group suggests that Apple’s iTunes may be more popular than some leading peer-to-peer file sharing networks. According to the survey, iTunes is now neck-and-neck with LimeWire, while beating out other services such as Kazaa and iMesh.

The survey also found that those who use legal music services tend to be over 30 years of age. They are much less likely to download music illegally off of a P2P service than younger users. Four in ten households with Internet access downloaded a song legally during the month of March 2005,’ NPD said”

Multiple Image Resizer .NET Home

Multiple Image Resizer .NET Home: “With MIR .NET, you can resize images, add borders and text, rotate and flip – with a few simple mouse clicks.

And what’s more, MIR .NET is FREE for personal use!

MIR .NET also has a completely customisable user interface that you can arrange to suit yourself.

We’ve done other versions of Multiple Image Resizer before – MIR .NET is the latest in the line. There are thousands of satisfied MIR users all over the world.”

Good News!! :: WinKeyFinder :: View Windows XP Key – Change Windows XP Key – View Windows Product Key – View MS Office Product Key!

Good News!! :: WinKeyFinder :: View Windows XP Key – Change Windows XP Key – View Windows Product Key – View MS Office Product Key!: “WinKeyDOs a Product of WinKeyFinder, finds your lost windows XP – Windows 2000, Windows 2003 Product keys from DOS, It works without any hastles or problems!

This program main feature are:

1: Even in case of system crash you can find your system produt key using this tool.

2: This program does not demand for any required files!

3: coded in c works really well!”

Metadata Analyzer – MS Office Metadata, Document Integrity

Metadata Analyzer – MS Office Metadata, Document Integrity: “Metadata Analyzer is an analytical tool for checking MS Office documents: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint for unauthorized private information disclosure. The software application inserts information about an initial name, (previous) authors, corporate name(s), number of saves and other built-in & custom properties, which can infringe your privacy. Metadata Analyzer shall advise you of this information. Be professional in your office work and don’t allow unauthorized disclosure of your private information!”

UserHealth Official Homepage!

UserHealth Official Homepage! This free software is the perfect program for all computer users that spend several hours in front of the computer without breaks or pauses. It is also ideal for everybody that has difficulties in going to bed in time, like me 🙂

The purpose of this program is to be your silent health and sleep supervisor! What UserHealth actually will do is provide you with regular health, pause, and go to bed messages. The messages can be displayed like small popup windows in the right corner (Almost like a MSN login popup) or if you prefer a topmost window or just sound feedback. The messages will contain suggestions about pauses and small exercise that the user can do to stimulate the body. But the main purpose is to draw attention to the user that he or she has been using the computer for a long time and maybe need to take a break.

SMS-it !

SMS-it !: “SMS-it! allows you to send a short message (SMS = Short Message Service) to a mobile phone using your computer. SMS-it supports Picture messages, Caller Group Graphic, Operator Logo, Ringtones and Flash SMS. The messages can be sent through an attached modem, through an internet connection or directly through an attached mobile phone. If a mobile phone is attached to the computer (IE through the IR port), the contents of the inbox can be downloaded and stored in folders. The phonebook can also be downloaded and synchronized with SMS-it!.” Project Info – hotspot-zone Project Info – hotspot-zone: “Use hotspot-zone to turn your Linksys WRT54g access point into a WLAN hotspot. No PC needed!. It supports a captive portal and RADIUS accounting & billing with a web based backend. Ready to flash firmware for Linksys WRT54g (EWRT) others in future.”

Apple to ditch IBM, switch to Intel chips | CNET

Apple to ditch IBM, switch to Intel chips | CNET “Apple has used IBM’s PowerPC processors since 1994, but will begin a phased transition to Intel’s chips, sources familiar with the situation said. Apple plans to move lower-end computers such as the Mac Mini to Intel chips in mid-2006 and higher-end models such as the Power Mac in mid-2007, sources said.

The announcement is expected Monday at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco, at which Chief Executive Steve Jobs is giving the keynote speech. The conference would be an appropriate venue: Changing the chips would require programmers to rewrite their software to take full advantage of the new processor.”

Go Apple!!!