MS Steady State 2.5 released

Here’s the solution for the most of you. Lock down your computer so no viruses or spyware can get in:

“What is Windows SteadyState?
Share computers, not headaches

What state is your shared computer in at the end of the day?

* Hard disk filled with downloaded files?
* Strange options configured?
* Programs installed that you don’t want?
* System infected with viruses and spyware?
* Computer bogged down for unknown reasons?”

M$ Live’s new Skydrive – Online storage

Pretty cool service. Has anyone tried it yet? They give 25 gb of space on their site where you can put your documents, photos etc. You can either mark them public or private. I would recommend encrypting the private docs, you don’t know who’s looking:

SkyDrive – Windows Live
25 GB of free storage on Windows Live
With SkyDrive, it’s easy to store and share your files and photos with almost anyone.”

Hacker war drives San Francisco cloning RFID passports

Think of it this way: Chris Paget just did you a service by hacking your passport and stealing your identity. Using a $250 Motorola RFID reader and antenna connected to his laptop, Chris recently drove around San Francisco reading RFID tags from passports, driver licenses, and other identity documents. In just 20 minutes, he found and cloned the passports of two very unaware US citizens. Fortunately, Chris wears a white hat; his video demonstration is meant to raise awareness to what he calls the unsuitability of RFID for tagging people. Specifically, he’s hoping to help get the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative — a homeland security project — scrapped.