SatLav (Satellite Lavatory) offers relief for Londoners

SatLav offers relief for Londoners | Technology | Reuters

On Thursday, Westminster City Council launched a new text message service that will guide Londoners and tourists to their nearest public lavatory.

Anyone who sends the word “Toilet” to 80097 will receive a reply giving details of their nearest public convenience.

Global cell phone use at 50 percent

Global cell phone use at 50 percent – Yahoo! News

Worldwide mobile telephone subscriptions reached 3.3 billion — equivalent to half the global population — on Thursday, 26 years after the first cellular network was launched, research firm Informa said.

But although mobile subscriptions have reached the equivalent of 50 percent of the population, this does not mean that half the people in the world now have a mobile phone, since Informa said 59 countries have mobile penetration of over 100 percent — where some owners have more than one phone.

Wi-Fire: Extend your wifi reach upto 3 times the built-in card

hField Technologies, Inc.

The Wi-Fire is a compact, range-extending USB device that enables you to access a wireless Internet connection from up to 1,000 feet away–three times the range of your internal wireless adapter.

The Wi-Fire uses a powerful directional antenna, highly sensitive receiver and proprietary software to find and enhance normal Wi-Fi signals. With it you can connect wirelessly to the Internet faster and with a stronger signal than an internal wireless adapter can achieve.